Should We Fall For The Discovery200 3D Printer From Dagoma?


Construction game enthusiasts will be in heaven with this DIY 3D printer. At the origin of this absurd idea, a Roubaix start-up, Dagoma. The idea is simple: it consists, like Ikea, of reducing the price of its product, the Discovery200, by offering a kit of nearly 70 pieces. But it takes three to six hours to assemble the machine, depending on the fitter’s DIY level. Those who are allergic to screwdrivers and open-ended wrench rest assured, the product is available assembled, option chosen for this test.

The young French shoot can be proud of participating in the democratization of 3D printing by allowing it to enter all homes. The Discovery200 is nothing like the ultra-stylish and sophisticated 3D printer. On the contrary, it has a raw look of formwork which makes all its charm. Some parts have themselves been produced by other Discovery200 which Dagoma runs 24 hours a day. However, it is plug and play. All you have to do is turn it on with the micro SD card including the file of the object to be printed for it to start its task. There will be adjustments to make to prevent the nozzle from touching too closely the print bed which allows objects up to 20 centimeters in height to be produced with a horizontal accuracy of 12.5 microns and vertical of 10 microns. .

For beginners and specialists

To manage its file, Dagoma provides easy-to-use software, Cura, which allows you to preview the object, determine the print quality, the material chosen … But this simplicity is only a facade to reassure neophytes, because 3D specialists will be able to go into details for a more precise impression. Discovery200 is flexible at will. Dagoma is part of an opensource logic that allows everyone to improve the software and the machine. In particular, it is possible to review its size to produce larger objects.

For its models, the machine uses a material certified for food use, a mixture of starch, potato and corn. Basically, a bioplastic sold as not harmful to health – cost between 20 and 60 euros per kilo, depending on the quality of the product. The nozzle heats the plastic filament to 220 degrees. No potential risk of toxic fumes when the device operates for hours in a confined space.

The Discovery200 is available from 299 euros for those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. The others will opt for the assembled version and will add 100 euros.

WE love :

The price: starting at 299 euros, the Discovery200 displays a very competitive price.

Ease of use: zero connectivity, zero control screen. Printing starts immediately after the file is inserted into the machine.

We like less:

Fragility: some parts cannot tolerate hectic deliveries. Pay attention to the condition of the packaging upon receipt.

Calibration: you have to have a hand to properly calibrate the printing nozzle with the plate.