Should We Fall For The Zik 3 Headphones From Parrot?


Parrot is back with a new version of its bluetooth headphones, designed by the essential Philippe Starck. Should we expect a revolution compared to the Zik 2?

Parrot is doing it again in headphones with a third version of its star model, the Zik. Nothing changes, therefore everything changes. This could be the new leitmotif of the French brand which dared, for the previous version, the slogan “do less to have more”. Because again, we do not change a winning team.

At the helm of design, therefore, the unwavering Philippe Starck, partner and friend of Henri Seydoux, the founder and boss of the French SME. We should not expect a revolution but more of an evolution between the Zik 2 and the Zik 3. A concept very close to the Apple philosophy finally… The latest model marries the design of its predecessor with ergonomics and an equivalent weight (270 grams). Once screwed onto the ears, the circumaural ear cups offer extremely appreciable comfort, to the point of being forgotten. Only the headband ends up remembering your fond memories, which will limit the exposure to the helmet after a while. Only models in faux crocodile-style leather make it possible to differentiate the Zik 2 from the Zik 3. When it comes to commands, nothing has changed, with the right tactile earpiece. A horizontal movement of the finger to the right to change the music track, a vertical movement upwards to increase the volume. When you take off the headphones, the music stops automatically. It is enough to put it back on the ears for it to resume. Magic!

The Zik 3 features an advanced passive and active noise reduction mode. You may find yourself alone with your music in a hectic sound environment. It is nevertheless possible to reduce annoying noises as much as possible without being completely cut off from the environment. Very appreciable especially for urban cycling enthusiasts.

The software at the heart of Zik

Like most Parrot products, the most important thing is the software. And here again, the Parrot application makes the difference. It is a real control tower that allows you to manage noise control, access the equalizer, select reverberation (from the silent room to concert hall mode). No major change here again compared to the previous version of the app. But it is essential to manage the sound as well as possible and adapt it to the musical style. For this, it will be necessary to navigate between the Pop, vocal, crystal, club, punchy, deep equalizations to best optimize the sound performance of the headphones. Suddenly you increase the bass, suddenly you accentuate the treble. All of this can obviously be done manually. For sound reproduction on the hair. As for the hands-free kit mode for the smartphone, the Zik 3 is flawless. Question autonomy, 18 hours in travel mode as for the previous model.

Parrot’s Zik 3 nevertheless remains a luxury product. Sold 349 euros, again, do not expect miracles. This is a price that does not necessarily make it very attractive compared to the competition. That’s 70 euros more than a Bose SoundLink II for example. All is said!